Sebastiano joined our lab. from Marche Polytechnic University!

9月15日,セバスティアーノ君が客員研究員として当研究室に来られました.イタリアのマルケ工科大はProf. Di Nicolaのもとで低GWP冷媒の状態方程式などを学んでおられます.今回は,共同で研究している低GWP冷媒の凝固点測定と表面張力測定に参加して頂きます.

On 15th Sep., Sebastiano joind our group! He is invided as a vising researcher  from Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy.  He stadies Equation of State and mixing model of low GWP refrigerant mixtures in a laboratory of Prof. Giovanni Di Nicola.  During the stay, he works on surface tension measurement and freezing point measurement for new low GWP refrigerants.